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When there is complicity, when there is illusion, when there is a desire for everything to go well, everything goes very well.

We stayed in love with Caroline and Noel, and Ninna of course, artist, landscaper, painter, and above all, Caroline’s mother.

Ours was love at first sight; we understood each other perfectly, despite having meetings in three different languages and time zones.
Early in the morning from Canada Ninna explained all her ideas about the background; from Dubai to the end of the day, Caroline pointed out all her tastes and predilections and here, in Barcelona, at noon, we took note of all the details to compose the perfect and dreamed about decorations for the big day.

They wanted a Wow wedding, they wanted to surprise all their guests and bring all the senses to life.

Undoubtedly, the decoration was one of the most important aspects on the day of their wedding. It had to be sweet and elegant but not opulent, it had to match the background of a castle and a dinner served deliciously in the outdoor garden, on a summer night.

And we worked hard, very hard to satisfy all their expectations. We were a safe bet with thousands of flowers and candles everywhere.
We flooded the Castle with colours and aromas that still remain in everyone’s memory.

At the end of the night, Caroline told us: “You made us touch the sky and the stars, thank you for your passion and your work, I am happy”.

Mission accomplished, check, check, check!!

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