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To remember the wedding of Julia and Brian is to visualize an explosion of colours. Blues, lilacs, oranges, garnets and fuchsias materialize the great quantity of flowers that make up the decoration of the wedding. The aroma of the surrounding nature and the weight of a farmhouse with rustic charm and elegance in each of its corners, could not but add romance and style to a dream wedding.

The couple arrive from New York, specifically from Coney Island, determined to start a new life together on the other side of the Atlantic ocean, in a festive, impressive and full of magic atmosphere. From the hand of the Reviva Wedding team they arrived at Atmosfera and gave us all the freedom to create an unique design. They wanted a party and they had it. Music, smiles, colours, flowers and more flowers.

A farmhouse located in the Garraf National Park was the chosen setting, a perfect combination of centuries-old stones and wild nature with the presence of surrounding vineyards.

We designed a centerpiece of more than 10 meters in length, a chuppah to frame the ceremony and the crowns of the girls who escorted the bride. All with blue and lilac hydrangeas, fuchsia and deep red roses, orange dahlias and pink peonies.

The bridal bouquet reflected the happiness and freshness of the couple’s smiles. We chose the same flowers as for the entire floral decoration and added some white peonies to highlight even more, if possible, the intensity of the colours of the rest of the flowers.

Achieving a balance in which each flower stands out without overshadowing the rest, was not an easy task. However there were two colours that stood out and that shone with their own light within the colour of the design: the white and the blue of the silhouettes of Julia and Brian that holding hands, faced the beginning of a life in common. Mazel Tov!!!



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